3 Rounds Later

This was a hard post to type up, mainly because I was suffering from a horrific amount of jagerbombs on Saturday night, but also because it’s over and I lost.

I’ve never been a great loser, I’m hugely competitive and bitterly disappointed to lose. I lost on a points decision 29-28, effectively two rounds on one.

That being said, I can’t complain about the result, it was a very tough bout but Louis was class. His tactics were spot on and he managed to completely pick me off in the third round – to the extent I spent a good part of Sunday picking congealed blood out of my nose.

Despite that, I had a great time, not just over the 8 weeks but on the night as well. My fight wasn’t until much later on, so I got to spend quite a bit of time with my guests before going back to the changing rooms to get prepped and warmed up. It truly has been a fantastic experience and one I’d recommend strongly. If anyone has any thoughts of doing an event like this, please get in touch and I’ll tell you why you definitely should!

People have asked if I’m going to continue with boxing and I don’t think I am, not at the moment anyway. Rugby is still more important to me and I definitely don’t have enough hours in my life for two such all-consiming hobbies! Preseason starts again soon, so hopefully I’ve got myself in a good place ahead of that!

I did two things I’m immensely proud of this summer and it’s a real shame I finished second in both. These are memories I’ll never forget, but the failures will drive me on to better things.

A few big thank you’s to go out. Firstly to everybody who came to watch me on Saturday, you all looked amazing and your support meant the world to me. Also to everyone who sponsored me, you’ve all been fantastically generous for a really great cause.

A big thank you to Neil Wray and the Sting Wray boxing team, who in no time at all have turned me from a bit of a liability into a semi-passable boxer!

Finally, a lot of love has to go out to my fellow competitors who have pushed themselves to their limits over the last 2 months and stepped into the ring last Saturday. Everyone has worked so hard, but special thanks go out to Kurt and Gary who have done extra sessions with me; Alex who I ended up partnering with most weeks and kept me going; and last but not least to my opponent Louis, who pushed me to give everything I had on the night.

Gutted it’s over, gutted I lost, but so happy for pushing myself to doing this, getting in that ring and taking the fight the distance.


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