Wizard Sleeve Ward

So after 8 weeks the fight is nearly here! I’m fighting a guy I sparred with a few weeks back and I think my jaw is still ringing!

The fight is all sold out so I can’t get any more ticukets, but it should be an amazing atmosphere at the Grand.

The last training session is tonight. I feel in good nick and think the boxing fight has really helped focus the remainder of my gym sessions outside of the sessions so I think I’m in a good place physically. I’m going to redo my measurements on Saturday to see if I’ve managed to strip any body fat, but weighing myself this morning I was within 1kg of my start weight, so I’m happy I’ve been able to improve my conditioning without dropping much weight. This was me on Wednesday though.

The fundraising has gone amazingly, at the time of writing were up to £355 which is a fantastic effort. If you have been putting off donating, please click the link and do it now!

As part of my fundraising, I raffled off my ring name, which is why I’m fighting under the name Wizard Sleeve Ward. Not too thrilled about that part to be honest!

But on the whole it’s been a fantastic experience, been great meeting new people, learning a new sport and staying fit over the offseason. Really looking forward to fight night now! See you all on the other side!


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