Halfway stage update

A bit of a delay since my last post as I had an unexpected county final at Twickenham. That was a fantastic day out.

While I made sure to keep up to date with all my training, some of the admin side suffered slightly so catching up now!

Fundraising first, and thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has generously donated! We’ve smashed the £50 minimum like 4 times over and still hoping to get more for Cancer Research UK. It’s a fantastic cause and please give generously here.

I ran a raffle for all the people who had donated to date where the winner gete to pick my ring name (basically stitch me up!) This was drawn last weekend because I need to get my name in for it to be printed and it was won by one of my colleagues Max. Sorry if you missed the competition – I think he’s open to suggestions. Further donations still very much welcome!

Secondly, tickets. If you want to come please pay me! Please be proactive about this and message me. I will keep trying to chase people, but if you told me on Friday night I may have forgot so let me know! I’ve sold my minimum 20 I need to shift to fight but would love to have more there. Tickets are £20 and please see the below image about dress code.

Onto the fight and the question I’m most commonly asked is “Do you know who you are fighting?” My pairing will officially be done on 16th June and I’ll send out a post updating you all on that!

Finally a note on the training and the diet. They’re all ticking along nicely, I feel really fit and full of energy throughout the day which is nice. I think my body is now fully adjusted to what I’m eating and when.

The training is going smoothly as well. First time sparring I managed to catch someone in the nose and he spilled some claret which is what you want! My technique still isn’t bang on but I look back at how far I’ve come in the 5 weeks so far and I think I’m doing okay.

Much love and thanks for all the support peeps.


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