Week 2: Name that boxer

So some exciting news regarding fundraising first and we’ve hit the minimum target for me to fight!

I’ve still set myself a stiffer target though to raise as much as I can for Cancer Research UK, and to get things going I’ll be raffling off my ring nickname! I’ll assign each one of my donors a boxer and draw one at random. The winner will get to pick my ring nickname. Please donate to the JustGiving page to enter! I’ll do the draw in the first week of June.

Onto other news, the training is still going well, it’s really moving at a pace and I’m still trying to consolidate what I’ve learned. Looking for someone to practice my defence against this weekend, so if anyone’s up for spending 10 minutes trying to punch me in the face on Saturday let me know, it would be much appreciated.

2 weeks into the new diet and exercise routine, and I think my body has fully adjusted to my new low carb diet, finding alternate sources of energy. My measurements are moving in the right direction as well; my weight is 97.1kg (97.5kg at the outset – my goal was to maintain) but bodyfat has fallen from 18.4% to 17.6%. Here’s the latest progress pic of how I’m doing.

Finally, I’m still selling tickets and want you all to come along! Send me a message or catch me next time you see me and let me know and I’ll get your tickets sorted out. The tickets are £20 at the moment and I’d hate for people to miss out.

Until next time.


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