Punching cancer in the face

So a few weeks ago I signed up for Ultra White Collar Boxing. It is something I’ve heard of a couple of people doing, and something I’ve been considering a while. Eventually I decided to dive in and sign up, and ask questions later.

My three goals are to raise some money for Cancer Research UK, win (#wwkd) and have fun doing both!

With the rugby season nearly over, I’m also using it as my motivation to not only stay fit, but also get back into better shape, as I’ve become very good at finding reasons not to go to the gym or justifying eating crap! The 8 week program will take me nicely into my holiday and then preseason, so the timing works out nicely.

The event is on the 24th June, so I’ve got 8 weeks to throw myself into training and fundraising. I’ll be selling tickets to the event and would love to see a big crowd of familiar faces on the night! If you’re interested in tickets please get in touch.

I’ll be updating this blog weekly on how my training is going and how the fundraising is going, and hopefully leave a fun journal of my experience that I can look back on in a few years time. If anyone else enjoys reading it along the way, even better! I’ll also be updating my instagram with pictures and videos, my IG is robbo277 for more regular updates.


The above photo is me on the morning of May 1, which is the first day of my first training week. I weighed 97.5kg, with body fat of 19.8%. My aim is to maintain a similar sort of weight while bringing that body fat number down. Basically, I want to look like this guy.

Image result for anthony joshua

I got to my lowest body fat and best shape of my life a few years back on a low-carb, high-fat diet, and will be looking to survive mainly on meat, green veg and nuts for the next 8 weeks. I’ll be attempting to cut right back on alcohol too, and it will be interesting to see how that goes!

So that’s about all for my first post, please do come back and check up on my progress, and if you feel like donating please stop by my Just Giving Page and donate. The cost of the event is covered by the tickets sold, so all your donation goes directly to Cancer Research UK.


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